Agnostic System

MobiCash works on all phone models and on all network operators. All phones can make payments using MobiCash no matter what phone model or network operator. Model changes, software downloads and changes to phone settings are completely unnecessary. As long as a phone can make a call, you instantly have access to the many advantages of MobiCash.

Multi Access Platform

Transaction Instruments
Mobicash account holder benefit from Multiple Access Transaction


• Any mobile phone & Network Agnostic

• Mobicash Point of Sale Handset

• Online


Secure Ecosystem

MobiCash uses a mix of authentication methods that guarantee increased user functionality and enhanced security while accessing the user account. These include Finger & Voice Biometric, NSDT (Near Sound Data Transmition) , NFC (Near Field Communication) and Very Smart Authentication for online purchases.

 Multi Function Point Of Sale Network

Mobicash is developing agent networks in its markets in order to ensure a physical presence on the ground. Each participating agent, be it a trader, shop, retailer, employer or other institution, will be equipped with a MobiCash terminal. These state of the art Point of Sale devices will support the merchant and agent network in facilitating Cash-in and Cash-out transactions as well as general payment services. The terminals support the authentication methodology mix, including finger biometric, NFC and NSDT and can be extended to support credit and debit card payments.