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ETC signs MobiCash for JoMoPay Merchant Payment Solutions.

Lina Al Nojum, ETC Managing Director, Ann Camarillo, President MobiCash Global, 
Khaldoun Bazzari, President and Founder ETC, Tamer Bazzari, Financial Adviser 
& Board Member, Ahmed Kisswani, technical manager (R-L).

AMMAN, JORDAN, Sept 7, 2017

Executive Telecom (ETC) is pleased to announce that they have signed a partnership agreement with MobiCash across the Middle East on August 31, 2017. The first services ETC and MobiCash will bring to the region begin in Jordan this month as part of JoMoPay, the Central Bank of Jordan’s vision for mobile payments in Jordan.

MobiCash offers a suite of mobile payment solutions that are crucial to expanding JoMoPay functionality and reach across Jordan. Services to be launched in September 2017 will include One Time Pin (OTP), bus payments, hospital and clinic payments integrated into medical systems, smart government payments and mobile payments in taxis.

ETC works with Payment Service Providers (PSP’s), government ministries, and merchants, to deliver mobile payments. Khaldoun F. Bazzari, ETC President and Founder, commented, “We are delighted to have MobiCash as our partner. We are delivering today on JoMoPay’s vision for financial inclusion and electronic payments for everyone in Jordan using the device we all hold in our hand, our mobile phone.”

Ann Camarillo, MobiCash Global CEO, added, “It is an honor to work with ETC and bring our solutions to the region starting in Jordan. We have been very impressed with the work the Central Bank of Jordan has done to create and launch JoMoPay and their vision for financial inclusion.”

ETC, formerly known as Boloro Jordan, ended their partnership with Boloro Global on the 28th of August 2017, to focus on working with Mobicash and deliver comprehensive and timely solutions to JoMoPay in Jordan.

MobiCash Launches MobiSpaza in South Africa

What to look out for when buying a second hand phone.

South Africa Spaza sector mobile-based solution introduced as an inclusive 
business tool bringing affordable products and services to township communities.

June 27, 2017

MobiCash, a mobile financial services and technology company, today announced the release of their new platform called MobiSpaza in South Africa. The new platform is a spaza sector-focused mobile platform and is an inclusive business tool that builds bridges between spaza sector stakeholders, such as private corporations, state-owned entities, co-operatives, and not-for-profit organizations, and the township communities they serve. MobiSpaza promotes spaza entrepreneurship with turnkey integration across the value chain including suppliers, distributors, retailers, and customers.

Patrick Gordon Ngabonziza, MobiCash Founder and Chairman speaking about the newly launched platform said that, “As a company at the forefront of financial inclusion initiatives all across Africa, MobiCash continuously seeks innovative ways to help meet our customers’ and partners’ needs. Each market presents unique challenges and opportunities and finding the best fit is what sets us apart. Through MobiSpaza, inclusive business is a layer added to financial inclusion and in the end people benefit as well as businesses.”

MobiSpaza creates opportunities for businesses to successfully operate in the townships by providing a sector-focused solution for products and processes adaptation driven by mobile payments and spaza banking. The system includes convenient remote and proximity payment authentication mechanisms for physical goods and value-added services including remittances. For the spaza shops, there are also in-built features designed to maximize productivity and sustained earnings through collective stock procurement or buying power, social networking and market dominance.

“We developed a B2C, or Brands to Customer, application as an added element of the MobiSpaza value offering. With MobiSpaza, brands can promote their products directly to the last mile whereby interested consumers can redeem coupons in real time at their nearest spaza shop,” said Donald Mudenge, COO of MobiCash South Africa. “The ultimate goal is to make goods and services more affordable and accessible in the townships while giving businesses reason to stay and grow.”

Today some shoppers would forgo spaza shopping simply because there are no rebate systems and no points to be earned. This is mostly due to the lack of “sophisticated equipment” required to run such systems at spaza level. However, MobiSpaza is also set to introduce a new flair to township shopping by enabling spazas to begin offering points-based rebates and loyalty systems.

MobiSpaza benefits South Africa township communities in areas such as human development and increased access to financial products and services. Businesses, on the other hand, now have better and improved access to these markets and forge mutually beneficial partnerships and collaborations to help serve the communities better.

MobiCash, introduced to promote financial inclusion, is the technical platform behind spaza sector-orientated MobiSpaza.


Hong Kong and Switzerland – SmartLink, a Geneva based enterprise specializing in the provision of white label Mobile Transaction Platform solutions and MobiCash, a global organization head quartered in Hong Kong, and offering leading-edge mobile financial services today announced a new strategic partnership. The partnership will combine SmartLink’s technological experience in the provision of white label solutions to a market made up of a varied mix of users with MobiCash’s high-level m-banking, m-payments and multi-banking technology.

Together, SmartLink and MobiCash are co-innovating around highly secure and convenient mobile services platform aimed at serving and improving overall user experience for B2B and B2C clients in Switzerland. The first co-innovation area will be the development of protocol specifications and algorithms that will enable interoperability between MobiCash’s mobile Financial Services Platform and SmartLink’s Mobile Transaction Platform. The resulting mobile services platform will provide a powerful set of tools for efficient, effective, secure, and accessible mobile banking (m-banking), mobile payment (m-payments) and mobile commerce (m-commerce) solutions.

The varied mobile agnostic transactional platform will also provide the user with access for physical, virtual, remote and proximity mobile transactions which will include, but not limited to, NIUSSD, biometrics, NFC and QR/Bar Code access and authentication mechanisms. Bells and whistles features for the much hip demographics such as “pay by selfie” will also be introduced with this offering.

Furthermore, the technology to be deployed will allow for card issuance (issuer), card acceptance (acquirer) and money transfers as well as a plethora of Value Added Services (VAS) such as bill payments, e-government services, e- ticketing, remittances and a wide range of affordable mobile financial services.

On the B2B side, the ISO compliant platform will also be optimised for seamless integration with any local service provider in need of product diversity and looking to maximize productivity by tapping into the mobile and digital space by taking advantage of the available technology. Therefore, bespoke white label solutions will be developed for possible integration with entities such as commercial banks (agents banking), MicroFinance Institutions, insurance companies, mass public transportation companies, Logistics companies, gaming and betting companies, Schools and Universities etc.

Sébastien Piolat, SmartLink Head of Business Development, commented “We are truly excited about this ground-breaking partnership with an industry leader such as MobiCash. Their fresh approach to mobile technology ultimately positions us well to revolutionize the mobile services space in Switzerland. What is particularly important to note is that the technology we are introducing through this partnership is not only disruptive but is also anchored on high level security frameworks and IT policies and procedures all tailored to meet the expectation of our valued stakeholders”.

MobiCash, which already enjoys good business relationships with a number of the world’s leading financial institutions, and has seen the introduction of what many partners have come to consider as one of the best and most stable mobile platform on the market especially in Africa have for a long time considered entering the European market.

“We have always wanted to enter Europe but it was critical for us to wait for the right partner and also to do so at the right time. Mobile technology market is highly regulated and a very sensitive one which places a huge emphasis on risk considerations and calls for flawless execution especially in a dynamic market such as Europe where Mobile payment is now going mainstream. For us to have partnered with SmartLink was the best decision because they are exactly the type of organization we need as we share the same vision and can jointly define new opportunities. Said Patrick Gordon Ngabonziza, Founder and Chairman of MobiCash.

This announcement also comes at a time when MobiCash recently announced their New Group CEO Mrs. Ann J. Camarillo. The USA based Camarillo who boasts over 20 years’ experience in financial services, IT and Telecommunications, and has served as CEO at Maestro Belgium and as Master Card’s Chief Debit Officer, will be expected to immensely contribute toward the successful delivery of this strategic partnership.

SmartLink and MobiCash have begun to set up internal structures that will allow for close co-operation and support for continued co-innovation between their leadership team.

About SmartLink:

Based in Switzerland, we are a Mobile Wallet Service Provider, providing white label Mobile Transaction Platform solutions and range of mobile wallet applications for Value-added and Location-based services. We provide a scalable, robust and user-friendly platform for conducting secure transactions. For more information, please visit



Johannesburg, South Africa – (06 October 2016)

MobiCash announced today that its board of trustees has unanimously chosen Ann J. Camarillo as the organizations next Group Chief Executive Officer. Camarillo who currently serves as MobiCash board member will succeed Patrick G. Ngabonziza the company’s Chairman and current Group CEO.

Bringing over 30 years’ of experience in financial services, IT and Telecommunications, Camarillo’s appointment comes at a point when the organization is strategically aligning key investors and stakeholders to implement activities geared toward driving the organization into a mature global company, leveraging the R&D investment as well as the expansion of the organizations operations across various markets in Africa and abroad.

Patrick Ngabonziza expressed confidence in the board’s choice “This is an exciting new phase for MobiCash, she has been a successful executive here and elsewhere” said Patrick. Ann Camarillo is a strong innovator, who manages to inspire and ensure the company delivers business results in the short term and over the long term, while at the same time guaranteeing that both existing and new customers receive optimal solutions customized to their needs. She brings a depth and breadth of global market experience that is unmatched inside and outside of MobiCash.  She is exactly the kind of leader we need to take our history of delivering innovative mobile banking and payment technologies to our stakeholders, and raise the bar for our next generation of products.”

MobiCash operate in an exciting market that requires constant focus on the ability to accelerate. Right now we are engaged in executing our growth strategy for Global Universal Mobile Payment across the World.

MobiCash has recently partnered with new sponsor banks in Southern Africa markets and there was imperative need for the organization to maximise on the delivery of their solution in those emerging markets and at the same time deploy mobile technology aimed at addressing country specific financial inclusion needs. By bringing in fresh leadership, it meant executives such as Patrick, with a strong IT background, could invest more time in R&D around innovative mobile technology for Africa and abroad.

Donald Mudenge, MCash SA COO commented “We are grateful to have Ann take up that office and I truly believe I speak for all MobiCash executives when I say this is a welcomed decision and we look forward to working with and supporting Ann Camarillo all the way.”

Given the vast experience that Ann brings to the organization, her biggest role will be ensuring that the organisation meets its goals and objectives at group level and at the same time ensuring the same is met harmoniously across the various individual markets where MobiCash has a presence.

“I am greatly honoured by this opportunity to lead this organization of industrious, talented and innovative professionals.” Said Mrs Camarillo “Yet, there is undoubtedly much more opportunity ahead. I am looking forward to growing the MobiCash team and moving the company towards even greater successes.”

Over the course of a 20 year career at MasterCard Worldwide, Camarillo held a variety of leadership positions in business development, customer management, debit and prepaid products, operations and technology in the United States and globally.

Camarillo served in Belgium as CEO of Maestro International, the largest global debit card network, and CEO of Cirrus, the largest global ATM network. As MasterCard’s Chief Debit Officer, she created Debit Centre of Excellence and managed the Global Debit Advisory Board responsible for all debit and prepaid strategy, policies, financial performance and investments. As Executive Vice President of U.S. Market Development, Ms. Camarillo was responsible for the financial contribution of all products and services and for creating and implementing next generation revenue streams.


MobiCash and Liberty Life launch a micro-insurance scheme in Uganda

Feb 13, 2013
MyLife product is expected to improve access to insurance, especially among the lower segment of the population in Uganda.

KCB Bank and Mobicash launch biometric banking in Rwanda

Jan 04, 2013
Mobile payment platform MobiCash and KCB Bank in Rwanda have launched BioCash, a financial service that uses a fingerprint scanner to authenticate users.

MobiCash – Innovation Technologiques et Bancarisation

Jan 03, 2013
Le bas de la pyramide économique présente un secteur de croissance important pour les banques dans les marchés émergents. De nombreuses tentatives pour craquer cette opportunité ont échoué en raison du manque d’appréciation des technologies

Mobicash Fingerprint Banking and Financial Inclusion

Jan 03, 2013
The implementation of fingerprint-banking means that every citizen could virtually and instantly be included in the financial space and connect fingerprint to a virtual bank account.

MobiCash’s mobile financial service has launched today MCash in Uganda in partnership with HFB.

May 04, 2012
MobiCash’s mobile financial service has launched today MCash in Uganda in partnership with Housing Finance Bank (HFB).